Deepa Awchat – The journey

Before embarking on her culinary ventures, the multifaceted Deepa, a Goan herself, won many awards in table tennis at the State and National levels, the most prestigious sports award given by the Government of Goa. She also held a very demanding post as a Senior Customs Officer, winning a glorifying citation from the Ministry of Finance, Government of India.

Besides Goa Portuguesa, Deepa and her multi-tasking husband Dr. Suhas Awchat MD manage two other very successful restaurants: Dakshin Culture Curry, considered to be Mumbai’s first stand alone South Indian Peninsular restobar; and Diva Maharashtra the world’s first ISO/MTDC certified restaurant serving authentic royal maharashtrain cuisine.

Beside Goa Portuguesa Cookbook Deepa has also authored Paperback cookbook The Authentic Goa Cookbook by Times Lifestyle.


  • Won Gold Medal in Table Tennis in All India Civil Services, Revenue Department & played for National.
  • Was Goa Champion in Table Tennis & received Highest Goa Government award ‘Jivbadada Kerkar Award’
  • Received “Certificate of Appreciation “from Mumbai Customs, Ministry of Finance for her distinguish Service.
  • Authored India`s 1st and only Designer Restaurant Cook-book “The Goa Portuguesa Cookbook” published by Popular Prakashan and ‘The Authentic Goa Cookbook’ by Times Lifestyle
  • Co-founder of Mumbai's 3 globally awarded triple Restaurants:- ‘Goa Portuguesa’, Dakshin Culture Curry & Diva Maharashtracha serving authentic regional cuisine.
  • Successfully launched Dakshin Culture Curry The Speciality South Indian cuisine Restobar serving traditional authentic non-vegetarian & vegetarian food from Southern Peninsula of India.
  • Conducted successfully, Food Festivals in India, abroad and In-flight services
  • Received Maharashtra Gaurav Award from Mahara-shtra Kala Niketan for the excellence in Culinary Art by C.M. Shri Vilasrao Deshmukh.
  • Launched India’s 1st and only Maharashtrian restaurants Diva Maharashtracha serving authentic cuisine from various regions and communities from Maharashtra.
  • Conducted various cookery shows for Hospitality Training Institutes, various Press & Electronic media like Times Now, Star T.V., Doordarshan, NDTV, CNN IBN, Zee's Khana Khazana show with chef Sanjeev Kapoor.
  • Judged several cookery contest shows in India and abroad.
  • Won cookery contest 'Ali Khan's Kitchen' on Star T.V.14. Interviewed & featured by various Print & Electronic Media like Business India “Upper Crust, Savvy Cook Book, Femina, Cosmopolitan, New Woman etc.

Goa Portuguesa |

‘Goa Portuguesa’ is an exotic fun dining and a multiple award wining restobar serving Goan, Portuguese and Continental Vegetarian, Non Vegetarian and Seafood delicacies. It has its presence since 03rd December 1988. It is a place where patrons and foodies are all welcomed for an experience. The Awchats family share a passion for good food and they whole heartedly present this passion for everyone to enjoy. Goa Portuguesa believes in, “100% Guest Delight” by offering a homely service to one and all. The food which is served reflects the ethnicity of Goan and Portuguese culture. The Restobar serves a blend of Goan and Portuguese delicacies which are researched, modified, standardized and prepared by Master Chef Deepa Suhas Awchat by using modern day techniques, keeping in mind the health aspect of the guests while retaining the same original taste. In addition to serving iconic Goan dishes such as Vindalho and Balchao, Goa Portuguesa offers a wide variety of traditional Hindu vegetarian preparations, thus dispelling the myth that Goans eat only Fish and Pork. Live music in the restobar is another speciality which patrons love. Goa Portuguesa offers Tax Free Dinning to their foodies. Parts of the profits donated to Muktangan Charitable Institute.

Diva Maharashtracha|

Diva Maharashtracha was born to unfold the goodness of Maharashtrian cuisine that was unexplored and unheard of, and to take ahead the great legacy of Maharashtra that’s known for its rich culture, cuisine & customs. The authentic delicacies prepared from the well-knit traditional Maharashtrian communities like; CKP, Pathare Prabhu, Marathas, Saraswats, East Indians, Kolis, Bhandaris, Brahmins and so forth, make Diva Maharashtracha an outstanding restobar which representing the 12 crore people living in 35 districts of various regions like vidharbha, Khandesh, Marathwada, Konkan, pashim desh and Mumbai traditional ambience & live music. Diva Maharashtracah is 1st and only ISO / MTDC certified restobar in India.

Dakshin Culture Curry |

Centuries ago history was rewritten when spices and herbs from ‘God’s own backyard’aroused the senses of seafarers from distant lands. The goodness of these spices and herbs from ‘God’s own backyard’ – Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, & Tamil Nadu, in the southern region of India, forms the basis for the deliciously spicy and hot cuisines. These cuisines are as seductive as the southern sirens & it also aroused the senses of Dr. Suhas Awchat &Master Chef & Culinary Book Author Deepa Awchat while they were on a family holiday to the south. Deepa being a foodie & a master chef had experienced the variety of the unexplored south Indian food and on returning to Mumbai realized that the so called South Indian restaurants were only limited to Idli Dosa & Sambhar, so she along with her multifaceted husband Dr. Suhas decided to explode the myth & educate the people about the unexploded cuisine from the southern Indian peninsula. After conducting an intensive research by staying in each state, interacting with locals & housewives, they came back to Mumbai, conducted& organized various food festivals, interacted with the local south Indians & planned the Dakshin Culture Curry menu of Hip Hit Hot delicacies from the south into a single & interesting menu, by literallybringing the southern Indian peninsula of India to Mumbai. The exotic Dakshin Culture Curry menu is standardized & modified to suit the Mumbaikars palette.The changes are made by toning down the spice & oil levels, remaining in the same taste zones & by maintaining the Authenticity of the dish by Grand Master chef Deepa Awchat. Even before taste buds are tickled, the décor at Dakshin Culture Curry with its Kathakali Masks, Wooden Ceiling, Chatais (mattresses), Stambhs (pillars) with Deeyas (lamps), Antique Wooden Carvings & Tanjore Paintings, truly flavours the visitor’s imagination with the south. Culture Curry’s service staff, attired in traditional Veshti welcomes each and every guest with warmth and joy. The enchanting popular south Indian music has its own charm. The kitchen is within view for the diner’s delight. The keyword to the hospitality and service of Dakshin Culture Curry is ‘Guest is God’

For more unique and delicious recipes

For More unique and delicious recipes


Perhaps more than the aromas; it was the richness of Indian spices that drew the Portuguese, French, Dutch, English and other adventurers to explore the shores of India. History has more to offer on this!

Meanwhile, a new chapter has been added to the history of Goan cuisine by the well-known Author MasterChef Deepa Suhas Awchat

Her name is synonymous with India’s award winning and authentic Goan cuisine restaurant – Goa Portuguesa that not only brings to life a variety of mesmerizing cuisine from across Goa, but has also been tantalizing taste buds since more than two decades

Goa is the beginning, but chef Deepa Awchat has also planned launch of South Indian & Maharashtrian gourmet masalas.

The Goa Portuguesa Cookbook Coffee Table Book

Your our search for the definitive book on vegetarian and non-vegetarian Goan tz, cuisine ends with The Goa Portuguesa Cookbook by Deepa Awchat. Simple recipes in easy-to- follow steps are its hallmark—making it the ideal purchase or gift for the novice or expert. The recipes are tried and tested and authentic. They are, after all, the same recipes used in 'Goa Portuguesa'—the renowned restobar that completes 20 years of' its gastronomic journey in December 2008, winning a stream of' global accolades, awards and excellent reviews enroute.

There is, expectedly, an abundance of' seafood recipes for which the restaurant is justifiably famous. You will be delighted to find all of Goa's sought-after dishes in this book—Stuffed Crabs, Goenche Wagh (Stuffed Tiger Prawns), Stuffed Lobsters, Fried Bombay Ducks and of course Fish-Curry- Rice, which alone is believed to be responsible for the `sossegado' attitude of many Goans!

Vindalho, Cafreal, Sorpotel, Caldinho, Assado, Baffado, Guisado and Behinca among other delights, represent the Portuguese contribution to the rich culinary heritage of' the Land of the Gods. However, the traditional cuisine of Goa has been equally celebrated with the inclusion of a number of vegetarian dishes such as Khatkhatem, Sasav, Tondak and Homan, and the signature dish of the restaurant — Tender Coconut Cashew Nut Sukke. And of course there is that quintessential Goan dish—Chicken Shagoti to be mopped up with Pole or Wadde.

Years of research and dedication to Goan and Portuguese cuisine are reflected in this book which will be evident from the first recipe you try Welcome to a truly Goan experience — Enjoy!


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